Medieval Dale's Handcrafted Treasure Chest

Medieval Dale

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Medieval Dale is CSC's favourite skateboarder from the dark ages, and he's a pretty handy carpenter as well as being an all-terrain skate warlock.

These unique hand-made boxes may look simple, but when you consider that skateboards are CURVED and Dale wants to force them to become STRAIGHT and FLAT, you might begin to realise the amount of effort involved in making them bend to his will!

When we asked him how long it takes, and what's involved, he described the process as follows:

Pretty hard to try work out how long, never done in one go, but I guess with degripping, removing stickers if there are any, some are a right bastard, stripping the graphic, sanding what's left, cutting, glueing is a hard one to gauge the time because of waiting for it to go off, planing and sanding, filling gaps and sanding some more, chiselling out for hinges, and oiling them, I think I should try out some varnishes really cause it takes ages to get a decent sheen, so quite possibly 4-5 hrs a box, I need to time myself at different stages ha ha. I can make them to order too, if anyone asks.

So there you go. We're asking £50 for these and that sounds like a bargain. He can make them to order for the same price, so if you have something in mind get in touch and we'll send a crow with a scroll tied to its foot in the direction of Dale's castle.