Skateboard Cafe SS17 Clothing

Skateboard Cafe serving up that new SS17 clothing collection at Cardiff Skateboard Club. Featuring tees, longsleeves, embroidered detailing and more, ready to buy now!

Mike Arnold channeled his inner Bobby Worrest for his new part filmed entirely at Lloyds with his usual #unexpected lines and trick selection. Why isn't Marnold pro yet? Dude's seriously next level.

Anyway; once you've finished watching Lloyds take a wounding and booking a train ticket to Bristol, we've got the all new Skateboard Cafe range for SS17 available.

Skateboard Cafe Clothing Review

The range this season is Cafe's most refined drop to date. The switch up of factories (Cafe now comes out of the same factory as Polar) has definitely been a huge improvement to the quality and fit of the garments.

Fans of Cafe will be hyped to see new tonal prints on the Diner Logo and Planet Donut tees. Subtlety is gonna big this season. Trust.

Keeping the jazz theme running that Cafe are known for comes the Morgan longsleeve and Dance tee. With artwork on Morgan by none other than Rich Smith's dad, which I'm sure you'll agree is fucking rad. And artwork on the Dance tee by the mighty Gaurab Thakali.

This drop sees the Cafe boys getting out the needle and thread for some qaulitly embroidered pieces. The stripey tees are a personal favourite and come in either Banana Stripe or Royal Stripe. Not feeling the stripes? Then get the Naples Embroidered tee.

Right then, looks like I've left what's probably gonna be the most sought after item in the range till last. The Tea Cup tee is a reference to some movie, probably. We've got super limited stock on these, so you best not be slacking if you want one.

Click here to view, shop and buy all our Skateboard Cafe product online now.


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