New Decks from Carve Wicked

South Wales' finest are back with the goods once again, bringing you another bangin' range of strange and surreal decks. Carve on, brother.

The drop features the return of the iconic 'Satanic Panic' deck in a range of colours. You can't go wrong with this stylishly simple design, unless you're a die-hard Christian who doesn't appreciate the Satanic themes, in which case just skate it upside down. Coming in at just £45, these are some of the most affordable decks you can find right now, so if you're looking to save some pennies and support some local legends then look no further.

Colin Adam gets a suitably Scottish new pro model with the 'Irn Adm' deck. The deck borrows the iconic styling of Scotland's favourite non-alcoholic beverage, with the blue logo on a tasteful orange woodstain. Only available in a 9", this one's for the big boys.
Dannie Carlsen's also been treated to a new pro model in the shape of the 'Jimmie Carlsen' deck. In an ode to legendary band, The Doors, the Danish ramp technician's face has been expertly edited onto the body of the band's frontman, Jim Morrison. It's a pretty interesting look, I just hope it doesn't give me nightmares.
Last but not least is the "Largs 'N' Jugs" deck which features one of the most quintessentially Carve Wicked graphics imaginable. The graphic depicts what can only be a standard Saturday night in Newport, with rats on steroids, cats with tits, and a mean looking duck mugging an arse on legs. It's a wild ride.

That's enough chit chat though, click here to check out all things Carve Wicked available at CSC, or scroll down to view the new collection.

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