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New Bronze 56k Winter Range

 After what feels like a long time without any new Bronze stuff, New York's most visually absurd brand is back with more new product than you could shake a stick at. With countless new T-Shirt designs, some bangin' caps, and even a money clip, this collection has a little something for everyone. That's money, baby.

Bronze's designers have clearly been working harder than Santa's elves to bring you, the beloved customer, an overwhelming range of new graphics. Taking inspiration from here, there, and everywhere, designs include the pharmaceutically-inspired 'Pill' and 'Fragrance' graphics, alongside the slightly more bizarre 'Cow' graphic. In true Bronze style, this drop balances the mundane with the surreal, forcing you to scratch your head pondering the deeper meaning whilst still being inexplicably drawn to it. Think Cameron in the art gallery in Ferris Bueller's Day Off - that's how I feel when I see that hauntingly beautiful 'Cow' tee. Go on, try and say no to that face.

New stuff's nice and everything but of course, it wouldn't be a Bronze drop without their iconic 'B' logo, this time they've mixed-up the classic design by adding a bit of positivity into the mix. With 2021 already shaping up to be just as dreadful as 2020, this little smiley face is doing his bit to help brighten up the year for everyone, so go on, spread a bit of positivity.

The collection also comes stacked with a range of sick crewnecks including, our personal favourite, the 'Always Hard' embroidered crew which features a play on legendary game studio Neversoft's logo. The drop also includes another embroidered offering, for those of you who like the finer details, in the form of the 'Bolt Boys' crew. This crew offers a nice contrast between the sleek, modern typography and the slightly creepy, old-school-cartoon characters, which pretty much sums up what Bronze does best: somehow combining the fashionable with the absurd and unnerving. Regardless, we back it.

On top of all this, Bronze's latest collection comes complete with the 'Sports' dad-cap in a range of amazing 90s-inspired colourways. Featuring spliced colour panels and an embroidered logo, the 'Sports' cap is an extremely choice bit of kit, and with the wide range of colours on offer there's a little something for everyone. Go on, treat yourself.

Click here to check out everything that Bronze 56K has to offer here at Cardiff Skateboard Club.

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