Better Late than Super Early

by Mike

A little late this week due to forgetting where I'd left my bike, missing a train, and then getting the wrong train yesterday. Oh, and going to see all the new shit that's coming out next year. Whoops.

New Theories raw footage from the filming of Static II in Barca '03. Features a very, very sweaty Paul Shier, a young Nick Jensen and Kenny Reed doing probably the longest 5050 he's ever done and more.

Jon Miner and Brandon Westgate leave Emerica.....for Element and New Balance?

Step into a World edit from Butter Goods in Melbourne is a nice treat. V. good for getting that Marnold, Ben Gore and Nawrocki fix. The accompanying article is also good.

'What would you do with a million dollars?' 'I’d spend it on a refrigerator filled with cases of Sprite' Kader Sylla is Baker's youngest AM at 14. The kid comes across as a total G. I wish I was that cool at 14. But Jenkem, what's up with the images being bigger than my screen? Shit's wack. Sort it out yeah?

Sidewalk sat down the guys and girls from Skate England (and Wales) and discussed everything about skating being in the Olympics. If you wanna know more, click this.

You might have seen him wound it, and himself in The Flare the other week. TWS uploaded Stevie's part from Riddles in Mathematics

LA footage the new NYC footage? Is Gustav the Euro Daewon? Did Blondey just do a huge FS flip? Is using shoe-gaze music for essentially a shoe advert meta? I don't know, but I do know that adidas probably have the best team out there right now. Mid-City Merge will require a few watches.

23 minutes of the Sour guys? Don't mind if I do.

New into the store this week is some decks from Fabric, Blood Wizard, Lifeblood, and Format. Hit this to see everything. Ped got Top 5'd too.

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