You people still enjoy these?


Accidentally went to Nass on the weekend and my heads still feeling a bit hazy, but still managed to bring you some links so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kyron, Casper and Korahn in LA with Will Miles on filming duties is just spot on
. Kyron's front shuv back noseblunt is a proper shocker.

Josh Kalis gets Bobshirt'd. Kalis always puts out the best interviews and isn't afraid of going in deep.

All new Atlantic Drift in New York! The most exciting series of the year returns. Casper fully goes in for this.

Jimbo Sierra pays his respects to Prodigy by dropping a 10 minutes part skating in Timberlands. Most gangsta part of the year?

Chocolate finally Yonnie pro. That dude's the best

The Panasonic Youth crew released Part 5. Lots of Sheffield action from Shaun Currie (never enough Shaun footage), Matlock Bennett-Jones (never enough Matlock footage) and loads of other Sheff heads. Also, someone wears a Globe tee in this. I haven't seen any Globe product for about 7 years. So big up for that.

5 and a half minutes of the Primitive team giving Barca a good wounding with a good soundtrack and Bastian footage. Diego's shoes got me asking 'what are thossseeeeeeee?'

Big tings happening in Swansea this weekend thanks to the absolute legends at Exist. adidas demo, Skin Phillips in town, and weekend comp. Definitely worth making the short trip to Abertawe.

The valley Viking got Top 5'd, Ash Wilson's photo gallery from Go Skate Day is up (edit coming soon, I swear), and we had a re-up of the Carve Wicked boards.

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