Summer's Here?


Has the weather finally sorted itself out to give us the summer we've always wanted? Maybe, just maybe. Touch wood, every event so far hasn't been rained off. Which is an unexpected shocker. PS Plaza comp August 13th. Poster and tings to follow.

Saturday saw the the CRV WKD party at Spit. Unfortunately I got a big messed up the night before so wasn't feeling too clever in the day. However, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and Skinny was definitely a bit turnt up. Bet Sunday wasn't too go for you guys.

Sirus F Gahan makes skating look so good. Especially this Grey x adidas Southbank clip. Gustav for Euro SOTY?

Jenkem chatted to Yann Horowitz about being a gay skater in South Africa. Heavy interview with even heavier photos. Props fella.

We did an interview in CSC master art man, Phil Morgan.

We all know Caldicot's park badly needs some repair work done. I haven't been there in about five years, and it was falling apart then. I'd hate to see what it's like now. Come on council, sort it out yeah?

Someone ploughed through a load of skaters in Sao Paulo on Go Skate Day. Real cool. It's probably one of the shittest things you'll read / watch all week. If you're on a come down right now, maybe wait a couple of days before you click this.

The Guardian are fans of Ed Templeton.

Anyone who's been to Barca has used SkhateYou. QS interviewed the guy behind it.

Exist's Go Skate Day looked like it was right laugh, big up Ped getting the edit out so quick.

Pulley continues to be the funniest interviewee in skateboarding right now.

Continuing the CRV WKD hype, Sox's new part is here, filmed all over the world. He's Greyson Fletcher's favourite skater, and now your favourite skater too. 

The Forecast crew consisting of Ryan Price, Josh Arnott, Frankie Darby, Andy Coleman along with Leo Sharp, Tidy Mike and Syd took a trip to Bilbao. Obv's they killed it.

The guy who only posts pictures of avocados on Instagram's part from TWS Riddles in Mathematics is online. Yaje is the man. 

Jordan Taylor is now pro as fuck for WKND.

New into the store this week is the highly hyped Vogue tees, these are going quicktime.

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