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Nursing a hangover? Yep.

Fuck, pretty busy weekend. By all accounts the LSP jam went off on Saturday. Unfortunately I couldn't make it down, but everyone's said the skating was good and the partying was next level. 

Go Skate Day yesterday also went off. Lots of super fun skating and some heavy hammers. Plus the race was one of the funniest things ever. Shout outs to Christian for all his help on the day, Ben for filming and Al Power for transporting the block. Edit coming v.soon.

The Lakai video is sick. Apologies for the glitchyness at the beginning. It would be a premiere without something going wrong. The DVDs should be with us in about two weeks. It should definitely be on your watch list. Massive props to our mates at Blue Honey for being excellent hosts!

PS Eternally grateful for the sun not being a dickhead this weekend and being the fun police.

Thrasher took the Worlds Best Dad to the Lakai Premiere. Many actual #lols in this. Tony Hawk is the best.

CRV WKD has finally launched. Pulley sat down with Guy from Vague and came out with the funniest interview of the year, and a dope edit from master lensman Hazza D. CRV decks available now. Dat Rolf board doe.

Andy Coleman's part from James Harris' Little Paradise video also dropped on Vague. Good tune!

Radiohead's OK Computer album turned 20 and got a special edition vinyl released. Which I suggest you buy (from here), you won't regret it. It's got the track from Dill's Photosynthesis part on it too. But anyway, Colin Read (of Tengu and Spirit Quest fame) wrote and directed the music video for Man of War. The video also has appearances from Taylor Nawrocki, and various other NYC heads. And has the benefit of being really fucking good. But would you expect anything less?

Long Live Southbank are trying to get the previously sealed off bits opened back up and re-stored. Although they need quite a bit of funding to get this ambitious and fucking wicked idea to come to fruition. You can donate here. The promo video for it fucking rad too.

Speaking of fundraising, Exist also have a JustGiving page set up. You should definitely put some cash into this. The money's gonna be used to pay the bills over the summer for the park so it'll still be there in winter, and then anything on top of that is going to the Red Cross in memory of a certified hero Ignacio Echeverría.

Juju Bearings are probably the most #outthere company right now.

Explosions in the Sky and Emerica did a collab. Some unseen Heath footage set to EITS is just what I needed this Monday morning. Although what's the deal with musicians and all black shoes?

New arrivals to the store week include CRV WKD, Chilluminati, Lakai, and some bits of Fourstar clothing. All of which can be viewed here.

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