Baberaham Linkoln

by Mike

Took a break / missed doing one of these posts last week, soz. Something to do with being in Barca on a Brit lad abroad shit. At least we got a Top 5 from Kev out of it though. And in case anyone forgot, it's still the best city ev's. 

Joe Gavin's Vibe Seekers 3.5 is a must watch. Reminds us of Christian's older videos. Filmed on a toaster, featuring just about every Manc head, this full length is definitely worth sticking the kettle on for.

Birdhouse are dropping their first full length video in 10 years, called Saturdays. Maybe Jaws will ollie off the Statue of Liberty or something.

Our boy Nat got interviewed by TWS about his Requiem for a Screen and other design work. Good work mate, keep smashing the visual game.

Sour's TWS Cinematographers Project part is finally online. It didn't let down. Are Sour the most #relevant guys putting out footage at the moment?

Joey Sinko made a remix edit of Heath at UCL. We'll never have enough Kirchart footage.

Adam Keys went in for this Thunder / Pixels part.

Theobalds launched London Skate Journal 3. It features photos from Arran Gregory, Josh Arnott, Will Miles, Shaun Witherup and more. Definitely worth checking out if you lo-fi disposable cameras.

You're gonna wanna watch this Tommy May part for Frank a few times. Dude kills it.

Jenkem and Austin Bristow released another Regulate edit. Which means new Kyle Wilson footage heart emoji


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