by Mike

Hope you all remembered to register to vote last week. Thoughts still with Manchester. Skateboarding is still the best thing ever.

Nike SB x Grey - Again will the most watched edit of this week
. Everything in these Will Miles Nike and Grey edits have been top dolla. Props for Kyron getting on the full Numbers team too.

Koston got Chromeball'd. Talks about doing dork tricks, back noseblunting Hubba, how Girl started and bunch of other interesting stuff.

Real dropped episode 6 of their Surveillance series, with Justin Brock, Chima Ferguson, and Davis Torgerson. It's got footage of Davis' nollie over Heath's Mindfield gap. Which is mental. Also, Davis on NB#? When did this happen?

Magnus Gyllenberg talks about Penny's tre fakie photo on the roll-in at the Christiana bowl in Copenhagen. That bowl is fucking gnarls. 

#SunTripWithTheDoggies features a heavy Scandi Nike SB crew in Gran Canaria. Karsten, Oski, Jugga, Vaughn Baker and others. Has footage of Oski's latest Free cover too.

Sour did Valencia. Big shout outs to Gustav, Nissee and Barnsk!

John Shanahan released a Lurk NYC part which is more '90s than the actual '90s. Fuck bitches, get money. Obv's love everything about this part.

Kane dropped some fun footage from Gluebag in Tokyo.

The Vague site has launched. Mag's dropping some time in September apparently. With Guy and Reece behind it, you know it's gonna be good.

Some rods pay a fiver to have a go on a board and other shenanigans in Bstoon. Has lots of footage of Theobalds' Joel Banner, with Tom Fox, Harvey Underwood-Caldwell and Barney Hayter. 

Don't call him the Phelper. Jake Phelps weighs in on skateboarding in the Olympics, why Cardiel is rad, bombing SF hills and lots of other shit on the Bunt.

Speaking of Thrasher, someone's set up a flaming Banco font generator. I guess this is where H&M get their design work from.

New bits to the store include Skate Cafe's SS17 hardware, Lords army jackets and the all new Thunder 148 trucks.

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