Harry Deane Named As TeamGB Offical Olympic Hopeful

by Mike

Photo: Jeff Young

In local news it was Ethan's birthday yesterday. So big happy birthday to that legend! Leo picked out his Top 5. Harry Deane got a pro board. Oh and lots of really good shit came out too.

If you were thinking properly last week you'd have gone to Spit on Friday night and witnessed 5050's Retrospective video by Tidy Mike celebrating them being in the game for twenty fuckin' years. Big up! Sidewalk's hosting the video now, so sit down with a cuppa and watch 40 minutes of Bristolian skating throughout the past 20 years.

Volcom's London edit is probably the best thing they've done since Let's Live. Shout out to Josh Cox too.

Lots and lots of very good stuff in Spitfire's Arson Department II. Shame about the shouty music though. Harry Lintell goes full weapon.

Uncut Bobby. Not Worrest though, the other Bobby.

DGK coming through with the gangsta fix.

Josh Stewart is 40? One of the most interesting people in skating waxes lyrical on Nine Club. Really hoping he starts his own podcast where he just talks about conspiracy theories.

Not gonna lie, still haven't got round to watching this yet, but Get Lesta's Last Orders video is online in full now. You know it's gonna pretty next lev.

Pest from Vaughn MF Jones and Corey Bartle-Sanderson is a 7 minute VX edit filmed throughout London and Budapest. It's got Conor doing a wallie (surprise!) alongside Dan West, Mike O'Shea, Rich Smith, Guy Jones, Casper, Kyron, Dom Henry and a host of other heads. The additional photo gallery to well worth a gander too.

New Mark Suciu parts are always welcome in my house.

Daan finally made the move from Vans to the Swoosh. Then he went to Gran Canaria with Oski, Wieger, Jacopo, Darkness and Youness.

Another banger of an Eniz part

Jake Anderson only just dropped a full part last week for Skate Mental. This week he drops one for Austyn Gillette's Former brand.

'I know your thing is hairy, but I’ll still suck it every day after you skate' Tyshawn Jones gets better DM's than you and has got hoes in different area codes.

New arrivals to the store include the all new Carve Wicked drop, feating the highly hyped Harry Deane pro model (<3), clothing and other decks. Also got some Spitfire clothing, and new wheels from OJs. Oh yeah, and the new issue of Thrasher too.

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