Will it ever not be wet again?


Well, this was certified mental.  

PT's finest Pedro dropped a new edit with some old and new footage for Exist's art show last week. Has lots of Billy dancing, and other assorted PT/Swansea heads....and Keith Walsh. Skewen mannnnnn.

Sabotage crew in Spain is definitely the best Spanish edit you'll see, probably the best one you'll see this year.

Chris Mulhern re-edited some of his footage from Away Days (and some unseen stuff) into a much more palatable edit called Second Sighting. And any excuse to re-post this.

Wish Skate Mental put out more stuff like Aunt Tammy. They've gotta have one of the best team to questionable graphics ratio.

Vans X Octagon; bit arty, but it works. Ender is top notch too.

SkatePal did a pretty extensive interview with Isle's head honcho, Nick Jensen.

Scene in Preston is sadly closing it's doors after 20 years in the game. Gutted. Third skate shop to close this year, and we're not even in February yet.

@memoryscreen came through with the best two  Insta posts of recent times.

Workshop welcomes Ludo Gordon, v. savage. Lots of flip in, flip out stuff. Respect.

Fuck, Gustav is actually the best.

'Elite Athlete Status' Free Mag spoke to France's Olympic coach about the Olympic's.

Just under three minutes of Ishod, Zion, Piscopo, Antonio, and Olson goodness in Nike SB's True to Form. Zion's 540 <3

Lakai and Our Life crews get some tran action at Lower Bobs.

New stock into the store ready to shop now this week include; Ganj Wax, decks from Polar, Krooked and Quasi, Wayward Wheels and Shoe Goo makes a return to our shelves.


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