Very Adorable Things

by Mike

Part 2 of CJ's 365 Days On Planet Earth video dropped. It's pretty special. Chris really is the nicest guy ever, seeing him cleaning off the wax on some families hubba after eating turbo shit on a slam is pretty rad. The thumbs up he gives them is next level.

Coming in at less than 5 minutes in length, surely The Good Land is the shortest New Balance clip they've put out. It's still good though, so there's no complaints.

Fat Bill gets Nine Club'd. Talks about the new Supreme vid in the works and a good solid 2 hours plus of rad stories and reminded us of these great edits.

Dill waxes lyrical to Bobshirt. TBH haven't finished this one yet, but so far it's class.

The first ad for Nat's bearing company he's doing, Cortina. Very strong team line up; Na-Kel, Elijah and K-Walks. Definitely hyped to see what comes of this.

New Sean Barn- I mean, Gustav VX remix is just so, so, so good.

Vice gave The Chief some article props regarding the Leap of Faith. Sure, there's some mistakes and general wrong bits in there, but it's still an interesting read if you're taking a dump.

Always thought Nike should release a Lewis Marnell Dunk after he passed away. Turns out Nike thought the same thing. RIP Lewis, you were one of the best for sure.

Miles Silvas did a 5 minute line throughout LA. Yeah, he takes a couple of steps off his board, but that switch backtail ender got us shook.

Words to live by;
'T-Wolf said I was a trend setter' - Jess

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