Real Recognise Real

by Mike

Firstly, big congrats to Sean Barnes for becoming a dad! Big up yourself mate!

Still stupidly stoked and a bit speechless that this happened. Jim Thiebaud's the man! What an absolute ruler.

As if you needed reminding that CJ is the best ever. CJ really is the man. The premiere for this was a top laugh too, and CJ is a great host. That ender was filmed four hours before the premiere too, proper mental shit. Love you Siege!

Nat's Requiem For A Screen interview with North Mag is now online. It's a goody!

Atlantic Drift in SF, these edits are never not amazing. Between these and GX1000, skateboard right now is the best.

Tommy May dropped another part that's just delicious.

Hypebeast have a new series called Diaries. Blondey's the first person to be featured on there. Talks about getting hit by that taxi, filming for Palasonic, and other stuff he's been doing. Regardless of what you think of Blondey, he's hella articulate for a 20 year old.

CK1 back skating? 😍

Damon Way of DC fame gives some insight into what it takes to start a shoe brand.

On Tick crew drop an London edit.

Bet you didn't know that Haslam lives round the corner from Kev in Barca.


Been watching this Heath gif for hours. Thanks Slap!

New product into the store this week comes from Thrasher's Atlantic Drift capsule, clothing from Skate Cafe, and something which we're very stoked to announce; the Handy X CSC collab!

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