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Jim O

Bigs things can happen in the such a small space of time.

So by now you must already know about the CSC Christmas Party coming up this Saturday. What? You don't know? Read the poster below for all the info. You know there's no party like a CSC party.

And obviously you've heard about the new CSC Winter 17 range right?

That's How It Was - Lost Art come through with the good stuff. 

Krooked video is sick. Bobby <3

Parallax from New Balance will definitely make you feel a bit sick. It's like if Christopher Nolan did a skate video.

Will Louie take SOTY with this?

Doesn't get more OG than Jovontae on Nine Club

Kevin Coakley's been a personal favourite ever since Make Friends With The Colour Blue. His Look Left part for Traffic is a banger too

'I got caught with 14 kilos of heroin and a kilo of cocaine; by anyone’s standards, that’s a lot of gear to get caught with' Morph's Sidewalk interview is probably the most gnarly, and honest interview you'll read all year. Everyone needs to read what he's got to say.

'Not everyday you steal the ender of Tommy' Tweek, Sean Barnes, Jack Branch, Trend West, Ga White, Lewys Watkins, Tommy and the Vale crew went to the Ballroom. Place looks incredible.

Jenkem quizzed Sour's newest pro Simon Isaksson about being a Euro pro, IKEA, having nightmares about skating in t'shirts and other funny stuff.

Dirt River is very, very good.

New arrivals to the store include the all new CSC Winter range, decks from Anti Hero, Krooked, Alien Workshop, and Palace.

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