U Want Sum?

by Mike

All the things which happened last week, which looking below, wasn't much. Whoops. If it makes you feel better we're still doing our Black Friday 20% sale until midnight tonight. So make the most of that.

Shout out to Iestyn for winning Instagram.


Other bits that occurred last week include the Bam Epically Later'd premiere, which was obv's fun. Cheers for the free beers Vice, shout out to Grim of Freestyle for getting the extra crates in too.

Rhys Whaley turned 27, here he is at 15.

Someone said that Charlotte Church was in Blue Honey the other night. Can we get a confirm? Without the footage it's fiction.

Gonna do a premiere of Krooked's Let's Skate Dude video in the store next Saturday. Come down for that, might even have some free beers for it.

Stick December 9th in your dairy; CSC Christmas Party!

Skate Cafe in Paris is three and a half minutes Parisian gold.

'The trash can's right fucking there....don't be spitting all over the spot' Bobby Worrest drops knowledge hammers on Nine Club As if Bobby couldn't get any cooler. Fucking love Bobby. Crob got a remix part out too.

Switch backtail, switch backlip. The skaters skater; Tiago's new Indy part is pretty powerful.

Brixton's Baddest need your support!

Third Eye from Mark Kendrick's Piilgrim is one of the better (and more acidy) first promo videos you'll see from a new clothing brand. Has Jeremy Jones got the hottest feet in the UK? Soundtrack's a banger too.

Not so much of a shortlist, but here's Thrashers SOTY shortlist. It's gotta be Tiago or Foy surely?

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