Oh, it's Raining Again


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's raining again. Woooooo, I hear you cry. Best start making the most of it in those pockets of dryness. Or just empty your pockets and go to Spit. Treat yourself to some food while you're there. Tell 'em we sent you.

New arrivals to the store this week; some beanies from Anti Hero, Krooked, Spitfire, the OG Repeat hood from Indy, Theobalds Winter 17 range and the new Handy ACID:// Another Planet longsleeves in White and Mustard.


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Conor was back over the weekend. Think he had some fun at Spit with Billy and Oscar. Will Conor be featured in next weeks links for a hatrick run? Tune in next Monday.

Reid's deck fell into the sea yesterday. If anyone's got some old hardware they don't want anymore, hook a brother up!

Oh, and if you didn't read last week; path to the plaza is gonna be closed from next Monday for a week. If you wanna brave the cold and guaranteed rain, you're gonna have to trek over from the Penarth side. Ball ache, we know.

Make sure you get yourself down to the Spit this Friday for a screening of Bam's Epically Later'd. Even if you've already seen it, cos there's gonna be free beer. You like free beer right?

Korahn hasn't slowed one bit. His new Grey part proves it. Dude just keeps getting better. Hell, even the guest tricks are good in the this part.

Trailer for Ty Evans' new video, The Flat Earth. We'll be honest with you on this one, it looks pretty shit. We get it Ty, you've got fancy cameras with ultra slowmo. Someone on Slap summed it up perfectly 'called Flat Earth, opens up with a shot of a hill'. Line up looks incredible though.

Are you fucking Mwadlands? Definitely the best park edit of the year. Big Zered with that switch tre got me like ohhhhh.

Oreeo, the newest video from Ravenous is definitely worth setting aside 20 minutes for. Bakmamba is yours and our new favourite skater. New clips from Matlock and Shaun Currie are always a treat. Faro slays it. That Baxter Drury track too.

Fully Flared celebrated it's 10 year anniversary last week. For better or worse, it's changed skateboarding. Introduced us to Mike Mo, Alex Olson, put Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, and Lucas Puig on the world stage, was the come back for Guy Mariano, and showed that sometimes having too much footage can be a bit of a bad thing with MJ's 21 minute part. Pops was so far ahead of his time with he part too.

'Too many fucking humans, you breed like rats' Anti Hero make some social commentary of SF in Urban Mutation. Has some Julien footage in, so definitely worth a watch.

Wavemode, the first edit from the Wayward wood camp feat. Snowy, Dan Emmerson, Josh Jennings and Charlie Allen.

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