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by Mike

Before you start clicking the links below and treating your eyes to some visual distractions. Please, click this link first. You've got till midnight tonight to register to vote. I don't wanna come across as that preachy college boy in the 'I found myself in India' trousers but it's super important that you vote. Wether your voting for the good people, or the shithouse people, or just spoiling your vote. It's important you make a choice and let it known.

The UK Spitfire team went out to Barca the other month in Baton. The heavy crew includes Manny Lopez, Harry Lintell, Ollie Lock, Joe Gavin and our mate Dylan Hughes. Manny's 5050 front 180 into the bank at Fondo is no joke. Seriously savage stuff.

Sidewalk's new Raiders of the Lost Park feature is like the edits you made as a kid at your bag of shit council park with the rough tarmac ground, crap ramps and terrible layout. But with much better skating. Would have liked to have more scally kids giving it the big one, but beggars can't be choosers and all that. George Smith is the best.

Oski dropped an incredible part to coincide with the release of his Dunk Elite colourway. The kid's so good. He's like a Euro Jake Collin on roids. How come Scandinavians are so fucking good?

Harry Lintell recently went out to the States with the rest of the Real crew.

Talbot Green OG filming editing directing wizard Huw Caddy released a new music video for Ramsom Badbonez & DJ Fingeroof for High Focus Records. Big up Caddy!

The Creature video premiered most of it's parts on Thrasher last week. Then Grim did a premiere at Spit on Friday. I went street instead so I missed the video (sorry!) and the Thrasher content was only live for 48 hours. So if you wanna see you best head over to iTunes. Unless it's coming out on DVD, in which case, buy the DVD.

Jenkem hung out with Louie Lopez. They check out the Gonz rail from Video Days, bluntslide some crubs, and have a go in sensory deprivation tank.

North Mag dropped and a fun edit called Lion featuring various Scottish heads in Edinburg.

15 Minutes of raw Walker Ryan footage in NYC is a blessing.

Chad Muska leaves Supra for Straye, then goes back in less than a week.

Jenkem and Slap did a pretty good spot size comparison for every nerd out there. Someone send them the dimensions for Coal Exchange.

Ever wondered what it would be like to see K Walks, Gravette, Yonnie and other pros baked? Vice's Bong Appetit have got you covered.

Log & Capture, another new feature from Sidewalk is rad and definitely worth checking out.

Been lol'ing at this and this all week, cheers Slap & frontsideoverkrook.

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