The Day Today

by Mike

'That's the girl who kicked me out after I sweated in her eye' sometimes you hear some solid gold and you've got to write it down. Thanks for dropping that wonderful quote the other night Big L.

New bits into the store this week from Handy. A re-up on sizes in the Box Logo tee and Ro Sham Bo longsleeve, along with the new FSTL collab short sleeve tees and longsleeves.

Big love to everyone who came down to Spit last Friday for the Sabotage 5 premiere. The video's ridiculous right? Gonna have it playing non-stop in the shop all week. Come down and give it a watch.

Oh yeah, the pathway to the Plaza from the Norwegian Church is gonna be closed from 27/11/17 till 08/12/17 cos the councils widening the path, which is well long overdue. If you wanna brave the cold and skate the plaza during those dates, you're gonna have to get to there from the Penarth side.

Hey Conor, this was well good.

Palace's Palasonic - The most anticipated video of recent years dropped without much fanfare about it. But it certainly banged pretty hard. Video of the year?

H-Dizzle's Insta has been producing some good  stuff  recently.

OWL's new Béton Brut edit will make you wanna go out skating, 100%. Features those lads like Jimmy Silver, Billy Trick, James Griffiths, Joe Coward, Francis Peters and more.

Lakai announced the Birdman to the team. Good shout lads.

Bam works out how much each fuck with his ex-wife cost him, puts fake swooshes on Accels and a load of other great stories on the Nine Club. Also, new Bam pro model on éS?

Are Deathwish the most TechGnar crew out there? Inclined to say yes after Jamie Foy and Jake Hayes' new parts. Also, was Slash wearing Lakai's? Ellington was definitely rocking a drug rug. And shoutouts to our boy Andre Nictatina.

Skateboard Story did an interview with Aaron Herrington about his brand ChrystieNYC. It came out last week, but I've only just read it so whatev's. Plus it's the first thing Skateboard Story has post since February, so excuse us for thinking it was dead.

'Kids aren’t having to go and earn respect anymore' Josh Kalis waxes lyrical about the current state of plaza skating, swishy pants and shoe colourways with Grey.

'How many followers do you think you'll need before you can quit your job at Tesco' Sidewalk give Rianne Evans a First Light. Girl skaters are on the rise you know.

Oh yeah, Elijah and Jerry are both off Chocolate. Rumours going round that Elijah's going to FA, and Jerry maybe to Hockey....well, if you believe the Slap forum anyway. EDIT - turns out Berrics / Chromeball confirmed it. Also, K-Rod is now off Polar and on Hockey.


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