Did You Hear About Jess and Stu?

by Mike

Looks like Jess and Stu both took one for the proverbial team(s) last week. Jess with a foot broken in two places, trying some techy ledge manoeuvre at Bute. While Stu managed to dislocate his elbow and break it at the same time. He was probably more gutted by the fact that he left his beers down Spit though. Get well soon fellas yeah.

Shout out to all the people that came and saw the Birdhouse video last Friday. Dispite the skits and pretty cringey Coors Light shotgunning, the video's really good. Birdman's still got it.

Don't forget about the Sabotage 5 premiere at Spit this Friday. It's definitely the best video to come out this year.


Danger Rob captured some of the essence of CRV WKD with Pulley and some bits of Bailey and Bumooooo at the park which no one goes to.

Just a friendly reminder that everyone's favourite John Cusack lookalike Caswell Berry is still killing it. Also has a TWS interview to go with the part.

Salam, new edit from the Magenta lads in Dubai.

Hockey III didn't disappoint. Any Donovan footage is gold. Glad to see AA back getting some tech out. Also, is it just me, or is AA the hencher version of Nestor Judkins?

Hotel Blue is the best company you've never heard of.

Sidewalk reminded us about this classic Ben Grove part from when he was on Unabomber. Fuck yes Grove!

Jan Henrik Kongstein is your new favourite Euro. Full cab one foot was particularly good.

New arrivals to the store include Lakai's Holiday 17 range, decks from Girl, Chocolate, Zero, Death, Traffic, and Isle, clothing from Blast, and beanies from Death, Skate Mental, and Primitive.


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