Half Term Sun Fun


It's half term, and it's sunny. Shout out to all the kids who'll actually get to enjoy it, make the most of it.

Well that was pretty hectic weekend. Still feeling pretty rough from the Halloween jam. Big ups to everyone who attended, Ed and Jamal for DJing, and of course James Lacey for organising the whole thing. 

Spitfire's Arson Dept edit is a must watch. Harry Lintell doing the UK proud.

Cyrus Bennett dropped a part for Nike SB's Elite Squad just a month after the 917 video. Shout out to Harry Jones for including it in his Top 5 last week.

Isle X SkatePal reassures everyone that skating is still the best thing ever. Free Mag also has an interview up conducted by CSC hero Chris Jones about the trip and some photos from Sam Ashley.

There's still time to order the first Requiem for a Screen t'shirt.

Grey Mag and Emerica released an edit full of Manchester skating in Hive. There's also a rad gallery shot by Joel Peck.

Master of all wallrides and straight up vert transition skating and all round certified legend Rob Essex has a new part out at age 50. Top draw stuff from the lens of Yannick Hammer. Bangor represent!

Mean Streets v.C got me clucking for a skate.

The intro to Colin Read's epic Spirit Quest still confuses the fuck out of all of us.

Imagine being able to drop an iPhone part which is better than most 'proper' parts, cos Brad Cromer just did. Public Image Ltd soundtrack too!

4 minutes of Miles Silvas landing everything Usain Bolts.

Most blunted Euro powerhouse Dannie Carlsen joins Carve Wicked. Footage at the Wonderland bowl is no joke.

Loads of new stuff into the store this week including Skate Cafe X Daily Goods quickstrike decks, fresh threads from Indy, Powell, Doom Sayers and Bro Style, and Carve Wicked decks. We've also just had Lakai Holiday 17 footwear turn up, but I ain't had a chance to get it online yet. Blowing it sorry.

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