'Skate today?' 'Nah man, it's wet'

by Mike

With winter coming in fast, bringing all that shite weather with it, don't be surprised if Spit's more packed than Blue Honey on a Saturday night. Just be glad that your cash is going to good people. Make the most of skating outside while you can.

Nat aka @requiemforascreen, is taking pre-orders for his first tee release, see above yeah. You should definitely buy one. The tee's relevance obviously speaks volumes. Especially with the recent resurgence of one Steve King and some new old footage.

James 'Handy' Lacey is organising a Halloween party/jam in conjunction with Freestyle and us at Spit this Saturday. Prizes and shit. You know it's gonna be top dollar laughs. Gonna show the new Traffic video too, and maybe Sabotage 5 if you're lucky.

Our pals at Vague have done the honourable thing and posted Pirate Man's magnum opus Now! That's What I Call Skateboarding in its entirety. Surely it's gotta be one of the best scene videos ever made? Kinda fitting that Christian was our guy with the Top 5 last week. Oh yeah, did we say that we've got issue one of Vague in the shop now? Cos we do, and you should get a copy.

So Palace premiered Palasonic, and opened Mwaddlands. Grey Mag posted a pretty good gallery of some of the bits from the video. Is it gonna come out on DVD, or VHS or anything? Dunno, fingers crossed though innit. While we're on the Palace ting, Sidewalk posted all the original PWBC edits. Back of the net!

'Lara and Olson have achieved a small, apocalyptic miracle: they’ve bottled the dreamy spirit of the skate shop' - Kyle Beachy waxes lyrical about the 917 video at Jenkem.

Three and half hours long, but well worth it, The Chief is the man. Hopefully we'll be finally getting an Epicly Later'd on him next season. Fuck yes.

Theobalds went and got their Instagram account deleted. Whoops. They're back through with @theobaldscapco_ and some a new minute edit of Joel Banner.

Thought Sidewalk was kinda dead for a hot minute, but Josh Arnott's Haunts suggests otherwise.

Cava Brain has probably won edit of the week. Jack Thompson's newest series on TWS featuring the Sour boys, with some clips of Jake Collins, Evan Smith and others. Also includes the first bit of footage I've seen of Tuukka since MFWTCB.

Euro lads go to Asia in Braaaad. Solid skating from Remy Taveira, Phil Zwijsen, Oscar Crandon, Sam Partaix, and Michael Mackrodt.

New arrivals in the store; Huf Classic Lo's in Black / Bone and Deep Oxblood, wood from Anti Hero, Alien Workshop, Sour, Politic and Primitive, some new ballcaps from Ebbets Field, Traffic's Look Left DVD, and a re-up of some bolts from Bronze.

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