We Back Yo

by Mike


Keep going away to Barca and then forgetting to do these weekly links posts. My bad. Will this one make up for it? Probably not. But there's some things to look forward to coming up real soon. Watch this space.

Sirus F. Gahan has certainly got the eye for what makes a good edit. London Void is his most recent work for Vague. Featuring leji such as Barney Page, Charlie Munro, Chroliver, Dominguez, Manny Lopez and more.

Penarth's finest, Conor aka The Wolverkeen Giant dropped a part for State Footwear. Filmed by the excellent Sirus. Big ups to Conor, he's come a long way from his days at Dinas skatepark.

'Don't I know you from Tumblr?' Lucas Beaufort's love affair with skate print media documentary Devoted, is definitely a must watch. Some very interesting points of view from industry heads Skin Phillips, Tony Vitello, Reda, Huf, MJ, Josh Stewart, and just about everyone else. Even has Berra somehow making decent points and not being annoying. Best bit has to be Smolik's part though, 100%. 

Should have really shouted about this two weeks ago, but what you gonna do? Harry Jones' iPhone Plaza Comp edit is here and it's a bit bang bang.

Whoever made this is my new hero. Atlantic Drift mega mix is everything I've ever wanted and so much more.

Tom Karangelov is always an absolute pleasure to watch.

I thought the Birdhouse video was really good. Although I was pretty half-cut at the premiere. Thrasher just put Shawn Hales part online though, so maybe you can judge for yourself?

New into the store since I've been AWOL include, new bits  of Handy, decks from Heroin and Death, Reids For Lack of a Better World zine, Indy winter clothing, Alltimers Fall 17 collection, and some bits of Fourstar.


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