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Saw the Birdhouse video last week. Actually very impressed with it. Tony's still got it. We'll sort out a premiere of it soonish.

Hippy Jumps? Atlantic Drift is still best thing in skateboarding right now. Must have watched this at least twenty times now. If you haven't seen it, you're blowing it. Fingers crossed someone makes a mixtape of all the Drift episodes.

'It just felt like, fuckin' East Coast tough shit. It felt dangerous. I liked that, being scared kinda' The trailer for Chris Mulhern's Love Park documentary looks to be the best thing on Love since OnVideo.

Not much really happens in the Boulevard Magenta edit for the adidas x Magenta collab. But that's why it's so good. #stylematters

What is it with Euro Scandinavian skaters and being fucking silly good at skating? Hermann Stene just became an instafave. Kid went all in. 

Vague did a rad photo feature and interview with adidas lensman Justin Albert.

Remember when the Welcome video came out and we all lost our shit at George Smith and Dale Starkie's footage? Tom Van Den Hoeven's Welcome Skate Club edit features though street killers and a host of other Leeds heads. This edit begs the question, who's gonna take up the filming mantle in Cardiff? Let's make it a ting yeah?

Some v. unexpected tech packed into just over a minute in Josh Matthews Venture ad.

Theobalds representative Joel Banner, along with Tom Fox and Louis Bowden get down in Barca in Charlie Usher's Barceloon edit.


Oh yeah, Dylan pulled this bad boy out of the bag like it's no bodies business.

Only new product into the store for this week is the Huf Classic Hi in a Black / Gum colourway. Click here to see them.

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