Where did the weekend go?


Birthday shout outs to Christian Hart for yesterday. Big ups big man, thanks for being one of Cardiff's biggest heroes.

The Carl Richards Memorial / Grims Mini Ramp Jam went off last week. Props to Grip Wizard for getting the edit out sharpish. Hammers from Dale, Sketchy Huw, Conor Ratcliff, Skinny, Martin John, Jack, Odd Job, Sean Barnes, Big Dick Collins and Sox. Hot Dog does the best line on the mini too, we wanna see more flatland tricks on mini for sure.

The greatest comp on earth returned; The Dime Glory Challenge 2017 is still the only comp we wanna see. Well worth multiple viewings. Jenkem also has a good photo re-cap of it.

917 dropped their video on 9/17. Very apt. Loads of really good footage of Aidan Mackey, Cyrus Bennett, AO, Max Palmer and more. Get t'kettle on for this one.

Childhood Friend from Bill Strobeck will have you harking back to the early 2000s when skateboarding was the best thing ever and Love Park still existed.

Steve Berra let Jenkem inside his head for a pretty lengthy interview and to fire some shots at DC. Haven't read the Slap thread about it yet, but you know some of the comments are gonna be gold.

Vague did a Throwback for CJ's Crayon pro part. The Welsh Janoski at one of his finest moments. Please say you're working on a new part Chris. The people need to see it.

Speaking of Crayon, Dykie is currently running the length of length of Wales. Complelt nutcase. Check his progress here. Tried to donate some money for his causes but think the Just Giving page isn't set up right. Give him some cash next time you see him.

Jérémie Daclin's Venice Lyon Slappy comp is conclusive proof that curbs are still the best thing. Almost as good as this slappy back noseblunt by the main man himself.

Don't care if this came out a few weeks ago, we've only just got round to seeing it. Alpha from Octagon is one of the better edits we've seen in a while. Phil Zwijsen will never not be a beast.

Tom Knox, Darius Trabalza and Smithy going in for the Slam X Dickies collab. Smithy off Carhartt? Was Tom ever on Carhartt? Or was he on Krew? Can't remember. Let us know in the comments.

Seen Kirchart's Epicly Later'd yet? Go check it if you ain't. Until then though read up on Heaths top jobs since leaving skating. Then get depressed that you'll never be as cool as Heath.

Need goody product in the store includes; the Travis Millard designed Bug Off tees, Thrasher Mag's October issue, big boy decks from Anti Hero, Krooked & Creature, kids completes from Santa Cruz and Rocket, #ontrend Hazard Vest gillet's from Indy and finally we've got a load of new rad hats from Ebbets Field for your dome.

Don’t you know who the fuck I am? Have you ever heard of CIA?' Free mag got Michael Mackrodt to talk about traveling the world. The CIA in Chicago story is pretty gnarls. As is the story about aggro Russian cabbies.

Caddy and Nick Richards have been #biginthagame making more music videos and shit.

Easy to see why Riley had last part in The Flare.

New goody product in the store includes; the Travis Millard designed Bug Off tees (read his interview here)Thrasher Mag's October issue, big boy decks from Anti HeroKrooked & Creature, kids completes from Santa Cruz and Rocket, #ontrend Hazard Vest gillet's from Indy and finally we've got a load of new rad hats from Ebbets Field for your dome.

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