Summer's Over


So we said two weeks that we were back after taking summer off to party. Accidentally went straight back to partying and not skating as soon as we posted it. Whoops. We back now though, until the next party that is.

Since the last Monday Links, apart from some excellent nights and treacherous mornings we've had Hub Festival, which was fun. Wasn't it? Hopefully next year we can be a bit more organised and do something better. Same goes for the Breaking the Bay event you may have seen Guto and Christian teaching kids how to skate and Collins, Bummo and Pulley wounding a mini vert ramp on top of a roof.

Yesterday was the Carl Richards Memorial / Grim's Mini Ramp Jam at Spit. Big ups to everyone who came down and showed some support for it. Not sure what the exact figure is, but I imagine they raised a fair bit of cash for the charity Mind. Click here to do a good thing and donate. #CarlRichardsForever

Korahn's part, with cameos from Wileman and CJ, from Pirate Man's seminal Now! That's What I Call Skateboarding got uploaded by the legends at Vague Mag. Notable bits include Wileman not having a fucking clue what the lyrics to World In Motion, CJ's boneless at Dean Lane and Korahn still being better than you, even in his footy kit.

Nicky Howells and Dave Snaddon's joint section from 2008's Savoir Faire is Sidewalk's Sunday Service this weekend. I'd completely forgotten how good this part is. Snadz's fakie flip at 0:40 is worth a rewind for sure. Seriously good shit. Also features Nicky pre-tattoos.

DC came through this year with one of the best promo edits. Who knew? V. #unexpected. T-Funk opens it with some turbo hammers, Wes and Evan joint part, John Shanahan keeping the '90s DC alive, NEW KALIS FOOTAGE, and Tiago <3. Get kettle on for this one. DC to have a massive resurgence #trendwatch2017

New kids on the Real block also coming in hard for By Any Means.

Our man Nat aka Requiem For A Screen did some more Requiems for Quartersnacks' Colour Coordination feature recently.

Vague posted up Charlie Birch's killer part from brother Oli Birch's Beef Stew video. They've also uploaded the friends section which features our favourites Mackey and Ash. And we've got the doovds available here.

Stevie Perez gots that Extra Flare.

Jenkem interviewed one of the most underrated skaters of all time, Kevin Coakley.

5050 are having a fundraising memorial jam for P-Stone tomorrow.


Did Saul, Llyr and Rob make the last plaza insta edit of the summer? Probably. 

Latest bits into the shop include new daps from Huf, Girl x Lakai collab, Girl x Kodak collab, all new Alltimers, Beef Stew DVD, longsleeves from Handy, Skateboard Cafe quickstrike decks, and some fresh Severn caps.

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