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by Mike

Took summer off to party and not skate. Be we back now baybee. Giving you that infinite content so you're infinitely content. If you get the reference, treat yourself to a rollie on us. Sorry that some of this stuff is old, but sometimes it's good to remember what came out a few weeks ago.

'Anthony Pappalardo used to go on about it a bit and I agree, there is something more exciting about skating lesser known place'. Francis Peters gets a First Light for Sidewalk. Kid kills it, has interesting stuff to say, and is really sound. A deadly combo.

Harry Lintell and other Spitfire cohorts take on the streets of SF.

Ed Syder, the artist who did our ultra rad Lords of Butetown backprint got interviewed by Sidwalk about the upcoming release of his Hawk & Hosoi book.

Shop Riots was 100% laughs, and 0% skateboarding for most of us. Shout to sidewalk for not mentioning CSC. #underdawgs

Bobby Worrest's Riddles in Mathematics part is online. Bobby is absolute best. If you're reading this, everyone at CSC loves you.

....and Bobby De Keyzer's part also dropped. CSC also loves this guy and his incapability to raise his hands like he just don't care.

State and Welcome rider Jordan Sanchez got interviewed by CSC's Conor Charleson for Level.

Yonnie Cruz gets the most deserving pro board of 2017. Mans been killing it for too long. Glad that Chocolate have done the right thing.

Raven Tershy's Extra Flare is actually crazy.

Full part from PJ in the new Tricolor edit from New Balance. That beanie + beard combo is a big no no from us. But the skating's incredible. Flo's the smoothest French man this side of Lucas. Also has a couple of nice manuevers from Tom Knox and the rest of the NB# team as well as introducing Westgate and new comer Frankie Villani.

The Merchandise from Palace came out of no where. Blondey's stepped it up, Olly Todd does one of the best fakie tre's. Jamal's still the best. SP's least controversial part. Brady's fucking good isn't he? Lucas with the curtains. The fabulous French handmade deliciously sexy curtains.

Passport released an ode to their ever faithful VX. Try not to shed a tear.

Tidy Mike's DLH Fun Day edit looked like a right blast. Phil Parker and Pete Carron are the best.

Can you believe that we got the Plaza Comp edit out in less than 48 hours?

Our man Reid got Top 5'd.

New stuff the store includes the CSC Bunning Jackets, Summer Tour tees, Can't Skateboard Club tees, Skateboard Cafe SS17 clothing and Theobalds Athletics Pack.

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