'You out tonight? It's someones birthday'

by Mike

So last week saw the birthdays of just about everyone. Good work, previous generation, you lot managed to sync up the conceiving pretty spot on. 

Our good pals Dylan, Snadz, Nicky and Pulley hooked up with CSC fave Luka Pinto in Jersey on a DC trip.

Bailey got a photo gallery feature on Hang Up. Big ups to one of our favourite Newport trandogs. Fuck yeah Bailey!

Straye add Braydon Szafranski to the team. Could this be brand that picks up all those pros without shoe sponsors?

'He's a real nice guys, but I mean. Who cares?' K-Terps skating in the new Dunk Elite for Nike SB. Street grabs gonna be hot for this summer.

Don Leisure of Darkhouse Family fame, and resident CSC DJ dropped a new album; Shaboo.

Keeping the musical tip going, Caddy did another video for High Focus' Ransom Badbonez & DJ Fingerfood. Also features drone footage from Nick Richards and illustrations from Dan Underwood. CSC boys in LDN done good.

Ben Kadow turned pro for Hockey. An excellent choice.

Teaser for Lakai's Extra Flare looks sick, and anything with an Office Space reference is just greeeeaaaaattttttttt. Apparently the doovdes are out beginning of August due to unexpected delays.

'Keep Skateboarding Romantic', Quartersnacks x Street Machine collab. Features Hjalte, Connor Champion, Daniel Kim, Oski, Nick Boserio and plenty others in CPH.

Jenkem probed Chris Roberts and Roger Bagley; the dudes behind The Nine Club.

How much of a Supreme nerd are you?

Our Top 5's reached the mental high milestone of 10. To celebrate, Rod decided to do a Top 10. Part 1 is up now, Part 2 drops this week.

New into the store this week comes Huf Footwear (very excited about this), Girl & Chocolate Flare decks, and some all new CSC Lords clothing.

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