Yo, You Gotta Link Bruv?

by Mike

So, it's been a week since we did the first one of these. Did that week go fast, or was it just me? On a different note, how good was the weather on Saturday? Bute Square all day sesh was ohhh, just nice. Lets hope for some more sunshine and for someone to sweep up the moss at Bute. Whoever takes on this challenge gets some sort of prize.

Jenkem hung out with Cons & Polars Aaron Herrington, he rips a pretty mean bong hit and his apartment is a lot nicer than I thought it would be. Aaron's also on the latest Bunt episode. Listen here.

The Bronze crew and Zoo York went to Barca. All new Dick Rizzo, Ron Deily and Kevin Teirney footage is always welcome. Is Barca having a resurgence of footage lately or is just me? Seemed like putting out Barca footage was bit overdone a few years back and people weren't into it. Glad to see it making a comeback.

Mackey, Ash Wilson, Charlie Birch and other Lost Art heads dropped an edit of them at Newsham park. Dave Mackey the original quickfoot master?

Max Palmer has an interesting Grey interview talking about his sculpture exhibition Improper Slope, and collaborative zine with Rich Gilligan. Interesting fact; Rich Gilligan used to play drums in Grim and Lt. Meat's band, Punk Action Shotgun. Small world, etc.

Stick your name on a deck and tell all the girls outside Full Moon that you're pro as fuck thanks to Jenkem.

adidas London, Meantime didn't disappoint. Torsten Frank back behind lens, which is rad. Guy makes the best edits. Rad to see Daewon bring the tech to the smoke with other favourites Gustav, Mark Suciu, Kevin Lowry, Lucas, Benny, Rodrigo and the rest of the team. Could have maybe done without Blondey's monologue at the end though.

Lakai's The Flare trailer looks good. Been holding out for some new Carroll and Yonnie footage for too long now. And this got me excited.

Quartersnacks reviewed Patrick O'Dell's Big Brother doco, Dumb.

Hopps welcomes Mark Del Negro, good shout lads.

Thrasher sent the Sabotage crew to Lyon. Lots of Hotel de Ville footage which an appearance from JB. Does this mean the Sabotage crew is gonna be the new plaza version of the GX crew? *crosses fingers*

Atlantic Drift NYC is coming. Hold tight.

This is the thing your auntie tags you in on Facebook.

Oh yeah, we had some new stuff from Death, Landscape, and Heroin arrive in the store last week. Including Magic Sticky Hand 2. Check it out here.

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