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Sometimes, finding stuff to watch or entertain yourself on the internet is hard. I mean, with so much choice out there and an abundance of footage, interviews, photos and everything else being posted every day, it's easy to just pull a whitey and miss out on some of the good stuff. So here's some links to some of the things which have taken our interest recently. Enjoy.

Gaz Leak's inaugural GoPro centric Barca x Cardiff video Wiki-Leaks Vol. 1 premiered at Spit last Friday. The video's pretty funny and features the likes of Gaz, Kevin Barry, Sean Dawe, Alun Webb, Jack Carter and a host of other Welsh Barca heads. Get the kettle on for this one.

Nick Richards' NocturnUP Vol. 1 dropped on Transworld. Filmed all at night in Thailand with skating from Dylan 'Tha Huge' Hughes, Daryl Dominguez, Austin Funk and a load of underground Thai rippers. Looking forward to the next edit mate!

Episode 3 of Atlantic Drift sees the Isle heavy crew with Marnold and Remy Taveria channel hop to Paris. I'll be honest, I preferred the St Pauls episode. But this one does have some amazing footage of Coychurch's finest, CJ being the best. Hope these edits never end.

Skate Cafe released a minute edit of the unconventional Harry Ogilvie in Fruit Machine.

Jake Martinilli's Boroughs series for Sidewalk mag reaches episode 4, and we all know now that skateboarding is only viewed in episodes. This time in Westminster with Dan West, Josh Cox, Caradog, Joe Sivell, Guy & Vaughn Jones and a load of other LDN folks.

The Quartersnacks and Alltimers guys took a trip to Mexico. Looks like a pretty fun place to skate. Probably worth getting the shits for. It's got footage of Zered, Adrian Vega, Will Marshall and more. PS new Alltimers available now!

The Nike SB 58 East tour edit is worth a watch. Donovan, CK1, Bobby, GT, Max Palmer, Cyrus Bennett, Youness, Ishod, and more of the already heavy Nike team doing the do. And has the footage of Cyrus' recent TWS cover.

Duppy, an edit filmed by Dan Magee and Kev Parrott entirely at Jazz Square, aka Crackba. Featuring Casper, Harry Lintell, Jensen, Manny Lopez, Chroliver, Dan West, Kyle Wilson, Korahn and more.

Jenkem mag posted a photo gallery from the premiere of Dumb. Patrick 'Epicly Later'd' O'Dell's Big Brother documentary. It's dropping on Hulu in June. Definitely one to add to the calendar.

Don't forget, we've got all new stuff from Theobalds, Alltimers, and the new CSC Lords collection is all available to buy now.

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