Last Resort Drop 4

Last Resort's latest drop delivers a range of crispy new colourways, as well as new variations on everyone's favourite models. You don't wanna miss this one.

The ever-popular VM001 Suede, Last Resort's signature model, has been blessed with a choice selection of new colourways including an ultra-sleek Black/Black, available in both low- and high-top shapes, and a punchy Cheddar/White for that classic autumnal flex. 

Of course we also had to reload on some classic colourways, like the timeless Black/White VM001 Suede in both low- and high-tops, for anyone who's looking to keep things stylish yet simple.

Alongside these new colourways the drop also features the brand new canvas model of the VM001. These bad boys come with a reinforced canvas upper with a built-in rubber underlay to provide added durability, without sacrificing the lightweight feel. Available in a range of colours - including the lustrous Black/Black or the vibrant True Blue/White - for both low- and high-top shapes, the VM001 Canvas is an even more slimmed-down alternative to the classic VM001 Suede.

That's enough chit chat though, scroll down to browse the collection or click here to check out all things Last Resort available at CSC. Safe.

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