CSC Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Stuck for what to buy for the annoyingly picky skateboarder in your life? We know it can be a nightmare shopping for skaters with all their weird preferences, from deck size and wheel hardness to internal politics and skate brand allegiances, it's pretty easy to get it wrong when looking for the right Christmas gift.

That's why we've put together this useful list of ideal stocking fillers for aspiring skateboarders with little-to-no margin for error so you can guarantee a tantrum-free Christmas for the child in your life, no matter their age.

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Buy Polar 'Happy Sad' socks at Cardiff Skateboard Club

Photo: Polar Skateboards' 'Happy Sad' Socks in White

This one's a pretty obvious one. Who doesn't love getting a fresh pair of socks for Christmas? With the sorry state skateboarders' shoes usually end up in, socks can often end up on the receiving end of some serious abuse, so a nice new pair of socks will always be greatly appreciated, even if they might end up with holes in before the New Year. We stock a range of premium socks from everyone's favourite skate brands, including Polar, Hockey, Helas, Dickies, and Sour. Polar's iconic 'Happy Sad' socks are some of our best-selling socks that are guaranteed to appease even the most fashion-conscious skaters, while Helas and Dickies provide some great value, premium quality multi-pack options with more simplistic designs.

Skate Tools

Silver 'Premium Ratchet' Skate Tool

Photo: Silver 'Premium Ratchet' Skate Tool in Gold

Sick of your little skate-rat rifling through your toolbox to find something to fix their board with? Now's the perfect time to get them their very own skate tool so they can carry out any skateboard-related maintenance without losing your best ratchets. On the cheaper end of things, we always recommend the Sushi 'Ultimate Ninja' tool - one of our best value tools at only £6 - due to their unique design which reduces the chance of losing that pesky allen key. These tools offer everything needed to set up a skateboard, or change over any parts, so just be careful you don't end up getting stuck with setting up their Christmas complete for them on the big day.

We also offer some premium skate tools - like the Silver 'Premium Ratchet' tool which features a built-in ratchet to help save valuable time and effort when setting up a board - if you really want to treat them.

Cardiff Skateboard Club T-Shirts

CSC Magic Dragon T-Shirt in Black

Photo: Cardiff Skateboard Club 'Magic Dragon' T-Shirt.

Our cheapest clothing options available, our very own CSC T-Shirts are the perfect choice for skaters of all ages. With a range of designs to pick from, from old-school traditional tattoo style to our iconic 'Magic Dragon' design, there's no better way to support your local skate shop while looking fresh at the same time.

Skateboard Wax

Sour Solution Lemon Skateboard Wax

Photo: Sour Solution 'Lemon' Skateboard Wax.

Is your skateboarder always stealing your candles to wax up curbs and ledges? Protect your supply of smellies and treat them to a specially-designed block of skate wax for them to take with them on their adventures. We stock premium skateboard wax from a range of brands including Bronze, Sour, and the UK's own Ganj Wax (may not be suitable for younger skaters, you could always just say it's a maple leaf though) which are available in a range of different colours and scents.


This one's a real-life saver for all the skate parents out there that'll definitely save you some money in the future. Ripcare's Shoe Repair is a special compound designed for repairing damaged shoes. Just apply the glue-y compound to the shoe to cover up any holes or reinforce vulnerable areas and it'll dry hard forming a protective shell, helping to give skate shoes some much-needed extra durability.

We also stock Ripcare Grip Cleaner which can help remove dirt and dust from griptape, helping to breathe some new life into well-loved skateboard decks, particularly in the winter months.

Independent Spare Parts Travel Kit

We know it can be a nightmare keeping up with skateboard maintenance with all the different parts that can break or blow up. From bearings to bushings, and bolts to pivot cups, there's a surprising amount of stuff you can find yourself in need of if something breaks. Have no fear though, we stock this handy kit from Independent that comes with absolutely everything you could ever need for skateboard maintenance in one handy package. Never get caught out with missing parts again with this extremely useful travel kit. You might not need it right now, but you probably will soon enough.

Footprint Insoles

Footprint 'Kingfoam Flat 5mm' Insoles at Cardiff Skateboard Club
Photo: Footprint 'Kingfoam Flat 5mm' Insoles

Footprint are the biggest name when it comes to skateboard-dedicated insoles thanks to their scientifically formulated design which absorbs over 90% of shock energy from impact. These bad boys can be transferred between shoes for lasting use and help to provide added protection and comfort for the daredevil skateboarder in your life. A thoughtful gift that shows you were actually listening all those times they were complaining about their feet hurting.

CSC Gift Vouchers

CSC Gift Vouchers

If you're really unsure of what to get them, play it safe with one of our CSC Gift Vouchers so they can treat themselves to whatever they want. It's still better than just giving them money.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop now to buy the best skateboard hardware and clothing in time for Christmas. Safe.

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