Brand Spotlight - Homeboy Jeans

By Dan Bunn


Before there were Big Boy Jeans, there were Homeboy Jeans. Get an inside look at one of the most OG suppliers of baggy jeans as we explore the history of Homeboy Jeans.

While everyone and their mum is making baggy jeans these days, it hasn't always been that easy getting your hands on that premium sag. Homeboy Jeans were one of the first ever brands to start spreading that baggy goodness to the masses with their unique brand of 'Loud Couture'. Now, over 35 years after they were first founded, Homeboy Jeans are back and baggier than ever, bringing those old school vibes into the 21st Century and supplying skaters of the modern age with some of the finest trou that have ever been produced.


Originally founded in Frankfurt, Germany by Jurgen Wolf way back in 1988, Homeboy was one of the world's first 'streetwear' brands, which is a pretty crazy claim to be able to make.

Interestingly, Homeboy initially chose to hide their German roots from both producers and consumers - instead pretending that the brand originated from the US, even trying to make Frankfurt look like LA in their catalogues - out of fear that people wouldn't be interested in a German brand.

Despite this minor case of identity fraud, Homeboy Jeans quickly gained popularity in Europe and the States, thanks to their unique designs and pioneering of modern classics like coach jackets and, of course, baggy pants.

Old Homeboy Advert
Frankfurt or LA?

Inspired by skateboarding and hip-hop (as all of the best things are), Homeboy was one of the first brands to introduce baggy pants into skateboarding when they released their original Homeboy baggy jeans in 1991.

As you can imagine, Homeboy Jeans were a huge hit and quickly gained popularity among skaters as well as hip hop heads thanks to the likes of ODB, Cypress Hill and M.O.P appearing in their ads.

Despite the success of the brand, they ended up having to shut things down at the start of the millennium. However, in 2016 Wolf decided to relaunch Homeboy Jeans and bring their historically rich pants into the 21st Century, just in time for the baggy jeans trend to take off once again.

Homeboy Jeans Ol
ODB for Homeboy.


Given Homeboy's diverse influences, it makes sense that their team boasts an equally diverse history both inside and outside of skateboarding.

Despite the street aesthetic, the early Homeboy skate team featured mostly vert skaters (which I guess was pretty normal for the 80s), with the likes of Claus Grabke, Jeff Hedges, Marc Mitzka and Noah Rector repping the brand.

In contrast, the current Homeboy Jeans team lives up to the OG vibes with a heavy lineup of ultra-tech street skaters including Daniel Lederman, Vanya Bach, Aimu Yamazuki, Matheus Dubronks and more.

Not limiting themselves to just the skate scene, Homeboy Jeans have also hooked up BMX riders and snowboarders as well as rappers and hip hop artists to further broaden the brand's appeal.

Matheus Dubronks for Homeboy, photo by Klavs Laivenieks
Matheus Dubronks from Homeboy's '¿Que Pasa Homies?' video, shot by Klavs Laivenieks.


Since their relaunch in 2016, Homeboy Jeans have treated us to some bangin' videos which of course stick true to their hip hop roots while showcasing their international crew of Homies with clips from Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Sao Paolo and more. As you can expect, their videos typically feature soundtracks consisting of the finest old school hip hop; equally gangsta skating from the likes of Matheus Dubronks, Daniel Lederman and the rest of the crew; and, of course, a variety of exceptionally baggy Homeboy Jeans.


Obviously Homeboy Jeans are mainly known for their signature baggy pants they're a one-trick pony as they also produce a wide range of apparel including hoods, tees, jackets, caps and more.

As well as helping to introduce baggy jeans into skateboarding, Homeboy also played a key role in pioneering the coach jacket as we now know it, helping to establish the piece as the skatewear classic that it is today.

After seeing a football coach jacket at a T-shirt supplier in North Carolina, Wolf decided to take a gamble and print Homeboy logos on 100 of them, which quickly sold out despite some scepticism from his dealers.

Featuring large Homeboy logos on the back, the coach jackets helped further spread awareness of the brand and provided the blueprint for all the coach jackets we see now.

Homeboy Skate Clothing
It's not just about the jeans.

We currently stock a strong selection of the finest Homeboy Jeans to satisfy all your baggy needs, with a new and improved versions of their timeless classics.

If you're looking for maximum sag then we've got you covered with the Homeboy X-tra Monster Jeans which stay true to the original Homeboy Jeans with an ultra-baggy leg to rival even Polar Big Boy Jeans and a tapered ankle to help them sit perfectly on your shoes without slipping over.

Alternatively, if you're after something a bit more subtle we've also got the Homeboy X-tra Baggy Jeans which feature a slimmer, but still baggy, fit and cropped leg for a timeless aesthetic that's more similar to the Polar 93 Jeans.

Homeboy X-tra Baggy and X-tra Monster Fit Comparison
Homeboy X-tra Baggy on the left and X-tra Monster on the right.

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